Wednesday, September 14


Aerobic guffawing at the vast amount of guillotine toil involved in this post. Let's begin with the earring, shall we? This galactic hedge of hysterical tangles had to be cleaved to abort not only said mane but a myriad of other atrocities. Earring, however, is fancifully comprised of vintage watch parts. Wendy Morris the, "clever is as clever does" jeweler.

Nice pitch black "denial hair".
Nice bologna cheek...........

Amputation maximus is featured in the shoe category. Shoe indeed. Had I accosted you with the cloven hoofed, "Elephant Man" mate, the unsightly vision would have thrust you backwards, markedly.
All of that preface to document this cheesy little dye cut flat out of plastic. Wheeeeeee!

Gratefully, the remaining elements of this ensemble are in their entirety. Rock on!
A surfeit of flowers, we'll concur. Off-white sleeveless boasts a spate of feminine flora. Skirt, a treasure from the ingenious "Leifsdottir".  Comely mauve, epic design.

Cut! It's a wrap!