Monday, February 8

Zeeb City...........

Gifted this sumptuous coziness from my dear give-me-thousands-of-clothes-for-xmas-and-my-birthday friend. Perky hue duo. Black tunic bespeaks plethora is as plethora does. This one brandishes lace sleeves! Keep that stored to discern it from the other quintillions. Righteous!

                                                                    Gee, what lovely hands.........

                            Abundant zest in these skinnies with zebra front and solid black posterior.

Hold the phone! Embrace the vast coolness of my zebra go-go boots. They have faux hair mimicking the texture of said. Swear it's faux, really, what isn't that I wear?

Purchased from Boden when their line was only available from the U.K. Felt so cosmopolitan to receive that package!

Get a life.