Wednesday, February 10

Imbibe in Some Coco..............

Always the staunch faux follower, if I can't have the real thing (worth gads more than my car) than dammit, I'll mimic it aerobically.

Black lace over peach cotton blend. Ruffled wrist and zip front. Yummy.
Pity my sublime decorous floral tights refuse to be documented.

Coco was awash with pearls. I went with this choker of elongated fresh water pearls.
( Am flummoxed as to their identity and whether they're fresh water or no).

Boy, some uber guillotine work cropping this earring away from a host of unsightly stuff.
Further faux opulence in these brass crown earrings with faceted black glass drops. Righteous.

Just a dollop of the hard core to freshen the palette i.e. studs and petroleum based material. 
Dig it! And dig the best designer of all time.