Sunday, February 7

Schizophrenic Black & White

Immense pride when I can spell psychological maladies correctly, without aid. Right on! Immeasurable joy in this rarified embellished currency turned pendant. Bequeathed by dear companion Jim Lather, it's a franc from 1817 replete with image of Louie the IXVIII on flip side.What an enormously precious treasure. He also gave me a German postcard in perfect condition from 1914, nubile female photographed by Alfred Stieglitz.  That man is a keeper, though I don't deserve him. I speak of Jim, of course. Stieglitz was a jerk.........

Besotted with this heavy cotton knit dress. Art deco on acid methinks. Wheeeee!
What's this chaotic motif without some annoying striped tights beneath?

Houndstooth socks and chunky heeled zip front pumps from the Paleozoic period.
Keep on keeping on!

Get you age inappropriate groove on with this turquoise petroleum based studded vest.
I'm thrilled to be crazy! Seriously..........

                                       Adoring my German followers! Thanks!