Thursday, February 11

Bulgarian Freak Fest..........

What's not to adore about this spate of ethic jewelry? Barely visible top choker is by Susan Skinner comprised of dark green jade, coral, and navajo pearls. Cascading are two Asian pendants and a mirafiori sacred heart, also by Susan Skinner.

How wicked are these insane tights? Yellow lycra under black fish nets, solid black on the reverse side.
Paisley tunic exudes lively gypsy spunk. Bring on the tarot cards! Dig it!


Leatha, not really, jacket sporting studs sprinkled on shoulders and sleeves.
Fierce wedge shoe boots. 

                                                Does Bulgaria embrace age inappropriately dressed freaks?
                                                            One can only hope. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

                                                                        I love Germany!