Thursday, February 25

Sage Bluestocking.............

Don't misconstrue sage for wise, but age is not only plausible, it's obvious. My tame, sage hued, knit jumper boasts clever accents, wooden rings at shoulders and cascading swirls. Three sturdy wood buttons. I should be shelving books. The Dewey Decimal systems heats my blood!  Bring it on!

Necklace bequeathed me years ago made by Jessica Bryant. Frida in resin encased spoon. Bronze Age elaborately crocheted cardigan by J. Peterson. Jeez, did this thing sport some cobwebs. Dig it!

Aswim with MMM (man made material, I'm patenting that acronym) pleather skinnies, and brown faux leather combat books. Shhhhhhhhhhh! Time to read. Are we on the same page?