Wednesday, February 17

My Skirt Fell Off, Dig it!

Crux of devouring vintage clothing, is this article, circa 1940. Like people, they start manifesting symptoms of decline. This incident is entirely my fault. The suit is in pristine condition (Off Broadway, you're the best!) Alas it falls on my shoulders to maintain pesky things like wee snaps so loose they are beginning to take a free fall. Back to my torpid use of needle and thread. So said imperiled snaps and undiscovered hook and eye made my skirt fall off to my knees whilst traversing Silver, gallery bound. What a nightmare. I was laden with dog, a huge book bag, a purse and bottle of water. Like a car accident it all happened so quickly I don't know how I rescued it from around my knees. Wow, I finally discover the hook and give up on the snaps, my sweater bulging forth from the cavity. How this failed to be witnessed considering the brisk morning hubbub is incomprehensible. It was hilarious!

Detail of truant. Silk pencil skirt with low knife pleats.

                        One would conjecture that this swathed sweater would have saved the day. It was a monolithic hindrance.

 I find solace in this leather jacket with patent leather sleeves. It does however suffer a dearth of zippers and belts and pockets. Our loss.