Saturday, February 6

The Dandy.........

Conjuring regency England, gentlemen would cut a fine figure in excessive opulence. Dare I not comment on the women! Men paraded in waistcoats, brandishing monolithic ascots, top hats, gloves and riding boots or pompous shoes. They'd congregate in parks and slowly pass one another in their carriages trading boring palaver. Now it's drive bys, wow how things have changed!   A descending queue of magnanimous antique pins. Double waistcoats. Embroidered wool over cream brocade.

Quintillionth documentation of grey burnt velvet Danskin. Grey skinnies with gold burnt velvet motif.

Studly boots with buckles. 

Let's go fox hunting (happily they escape) or flush some grouse (happily they get away). Let's invite Dick Chaney. Splendid target practice! Wheeeeeeee!