Monday, March 16

Draped, Tight, Slinkiness Saturday

 Profound ardor regarding this alluring, atypical design. Toffee and black hued stripes with gathered black panels. Relish it's unconstricted, nightgown-esque fluidity.

Perhaps you find the draping hem a bit and skirt and bit meek but the back is cropped to the top of my derriere! You're thinking, "Gee, what a surprise"...............

Morticia Addams, snug in the extreme. Knee skimming. Mini animal print knit skirt. Yet another "fashion challenged article", walking is hampered........ but not impossible. Dig it!

Salavate over these provocative pumice hued and black dot suede lace-ups. What would you term this heel type? Can you grasp that I do not know? Love them so passionately am contemplating their use on one of my future business cards. You know me, all business.