Wednesday, March 4


Astonished? I Think not. Pneumonia for fashion? You betcha! Leave it to me to festoon myself in cheesecloth on a day when it's 10 degrees and the snow progressively accrues. In my own defense, the weather had briefly broken whilst in my dressing frenzy. Wanted to boast this sweater which was vastly "Rubik's cube-esque" Should have divulged this thingy unwrapped. You could play jump rope. Also very akin to those devices mother's wear to hammock their newborns. Needed a boost of color so went with this cranberry tank top beneath it. What to color coordinate with said tank? A gossamer mini! Dig it!

Sheer heather hose a must and good for traction, high heels!!

Worry not, I am well versed in driving into a 360 spin instead of braking. Should I be in a twelve car pile up, I'll be the well dressed one.