Sunday, March 22

New Campaign aka "Endless Thursdays".....

New campaign in Nob Hill for the merchants to stay open until 8pm and promoting cross pollination like gleaning a free chocolate with same day receipt from another business. All I'm offering up is the old "find the peanut under the right rotating shells" trick..........

If these were real diamonds I'd be driving a much nicer car, undoubtedly. Cheesy is as cheesy does....Do I care? I think not.

Black knit top flaunts edited circular front hem and sharply tapered sides. Recalls the fins on vintage cars. Dig it!


Always transported by it's loveliness, this gossamer, gored shirt with peacock embroidery ignites my spirit. (Which I need after 9 hours in the trenches).

Flagrant 360,  from diaphanous daintiness to bossy butch. Stud encrusted collar on fierce leather vest.

I mourn that did not document my companion biker boots with gaggle of unnecessary straps and buckles. Comfortable, formidable, and just the ensemble dichotomy I relish. Wheeeeeee!