Wednesday, March 18

Lace ad Nauseum

The apex of incredulity is that the girth of my fashion property is lacy frilliness. Or is is frilly laciness? Far-fetched said inventory trumps my skin tight 4" skirts and avalanche of all things above waist preaching "snuggly donned".

Brocade vest, at least 25 years old, layers over intricately crocheted oatmeal hued tunic.



Anthroplogie drape collared jacket with crochet, lace panels. Design company, Moth. Quite clever. Quite.

                Pleated voile skirt pivotal in diluting my walking antimacassar ambiance.


Cheesy but coy petroleum based ballet flats. Geez, wherefore art thou lacy footwear? Relax, I have some. Dig it!

Sublime sets of chocolate pearls by Debra Colonna.

Snoop Dogg says"Lace is my second favorite look after athletic wear". Wheeeee!