Saturday, March 21

Yummy, Yummy..........

Nob Hill was the dinner destination on Wednesday, premeditating an ambiance with a stylish cortege, I ramped it up and toned down by "psycho clown side". Start with this large polka dot on voile blouse with ruched bust ( wheeeeee ) on black cotton.

Tameness persists in this knee length chevron motif pencil skirt of mocha and black. That is not my exposed midriff.

Much loved jacket is glorious. I've had it so long it's venue of procurement is mystifying. Mocha with grainy black, sublime tailoring. Real charm lies in the button treatment. One might mistake it's bountiful cleverness for vintage but it's glamour is circa 1980.

Shoes are recidivism in the extreme. If you've seen them a million times, it's felt like a trillion times. Am pardoning you from the boredom.

It strains my character sorely to be socially correct. It's finite, rest assured. Dig it!