Wednesday, March 11

FOOL'S GOLD............

 Some opulence was in order to transcend the harrowing week of First Friday. The navy blue circles beneath my eyes are proof positive I feel the rigors, no matter how robust my health. Gold is uplifting. Brocade is uplifting. Several week's from next month's transitioning shows is uplifting. Wheeee!

This age old Asian motif silk brocade vest from Wear It is a much cherished treasure. Always wear it as a folded collared blouse. Dig it!

Jeans look like something to which Cher would be partial. I succumbed!  To the brocade! I'm weak!

Vegas beckons. Smitten for bronze 3 button shoe boots, I must say.

Off Broadway provides another transfusion of  
decadence in this vintage jacket with rhinestone buttons.

Rays of gold subdue my navy blue under eye circles to a mitigated dark rose. How rejuvenating!