Monday, March 30

Smell The Fleurs.......

Ardent passion for anything French. Chanel, Parisian women, cafes, eclectic stalls of endless treasures, baguettes, escargot, the birth of the brassiere. Which prompts my segue into the masterfully conceived fleur de lis. Miraculously not drowning in jewelry, I elected to give this tee front billing.

Lace motif skinny jeans compliment in my characteristic fashion, i.e. "This is as close as I venture into "matchy matchy" land". Dig it!   Hey! Let's throw this faux snakeskin belt into the mix. Wheeee!


Saving the best for last, my Vivienne Westwood plastic, triple strapped Mary Jane's. Comely iris hue.

I would term this ensemble "tamed edginess". Should you ever glean the occasion to use my name and the term tame in the same sentence, I hope you guffaw your ass off! Dig it!