Tuesday, July 7

Phil's Back, I Think............

Low and behold, who should surprise me at his usual time (5:45), but my dear friend Philio. It had been so long I didn't even have any wine for him. He was forced to abide my company, sans elevating beverage, until photo time. We caught up on world affairs and his back betterment. Oh, it was so enjoyable to see him, old couple that we are.

                           Vivid hued, domed tin choker by Cynthia Cook. On nylon stocking!


Rippling lycra dress is of ardent fondness. Let's get a few more angles going on! Dig it!
Broad stud and rivet belt brandishes cinch enclosure.

Back perpetuates the grooviness.

Stare at my dress......Your eye lids are getting heavier and heavier. Wheeeeeee!