Friday, July 24

Reject Redux!

Incredulous in regards to the rejection of beguiling designer items that fall flat at Buffalo Exchange and consignment boutiques. Are they putting me on? Do I need to do a tutorial on who's who in the fashion trade? Couldn't Buffalo Exchange squeeze my garment in betwixt six thousand flannel shirts and threadbare t-shirts? Apparently a negative. The hell with it. I'll keep it and bring it back to life with defibrillation paddles. Wheeeeee!

Snowy loose woven endless tunic with comely front panel. Sorely resembles a parade float should the slender red patent belt had not been orchestrated.

Lax attention to detail, observe askew hem. Askew is as askew does. Dig it!

Pride of necklaces (not lions) . Wanda Lobito's Virgin Mary beneath red glass heart on pale grey pearls. Wee pearls, and yet some other pearls. How erudite am I!

Can't keep a good designer frock down in my opinion. Rock on!