Thursday, July 30

Degas Dress Monday..........

Degas's delicately suggestive (uh, perhaps impressionistic?) water and flora resound in this empire waist with rolled rose at bodice. Full, crinkled skirt. Nude shoulders.

Motive for darkening this to the necessity of wielding a flashlight was to tone down hideous frog arms. Did it work? I think not.

Smart back detail. This is the actual hues of the dress. What a concept!

Why do I bother to document these plastic vintage earrings. Ungodly array of things to surgically sever.

Neither am I keen on these green flats, but you've deduced my recidivism for astutely (are you kidding?) binding my little stew together. 

We obviously need to step up the therapy. Mayhaps a thousand percent. Rock on!