Sunday, July 19

Blandest Palette Ever..............

Difficult to confess I can barely give this dress away. I tried Buffalo Exchange, big thumbs down. Discouraged not, I attempted a consignment shop. Big no can do! What! It's not that hideous. Well, the hue chemistry leaves much to be desired. Truly vexed, as to this conclusion of color. To the rescue, allegedly to add some vim, comes this wee,  flimsy, underwhelming short waisted sweater. Houston, we've got a problem..............

I was parading some wickedly groovy wedges, alas, barely discernible. Dust up on your "Where's Waldo" technique. Wheeee!

Only shred of possible salvation comes from this ethnic creation in brass with antiquated bell by Deedra Jarrell. 

Post script. 
Fascinating illustrated shrinky dink choker of sterling and copper I wore at yesterday's SUFFERFEST.
Kris Mills, you rock!