Thursday, July 9

Karan's a Keeper...............

Pirates bounty of Karan's creations are famous in my blog documentations.  Have hoarded an embarrassing mass. Well, how can I be embarrassed? I have an inventory of clothing, jewelry and shoes that challenge Dillard's.

This addresses the influx of vintage riches I was bequeathed from Karan. I feel your seething jealousy and it is well founded. Slender silk skirt in beloved print. Chartreuse, hot pink and dark red flowers on royal blue. Cleverness goes back decades. Alas, the silk is wearing so thin duck tape inside might be provident. 
I'll never surrender this gem!

I conjure this necklace is concocted of melted down chicken wire fence. Dig it!

Sleeveless is garnered by a gifted, ruby faceted belt.  I've pulled some color out of this pencil skirt for the matchy, matchy nausea. Oh please.........

 Jumpstarting it's appeal, lime cotton flanks the combed cotton ruching. 

Vintage clothing, much loved jewelry creations; Karan, can you spot me a fiver?