Thursday, July 16

Dreamsicle Wednesday............

Reflections of Dreamsicles will forever conjure my cousin Leslie and me. I don't think of them as a seasonal treat but glorious, delectable coldness to glom down 24/7. Dig it!

This gifted confection of cotton jersey stripes, has the cadence of the 50's but is not. Pink canvas belt, replete with rivets, adds a cohesive element later in the game.

Back detail lends a bewitching ambiance, and the profit of air conditioning. Wheeeeeeee!

Pucci shoes are back. My prowess to amalgamate the color thingy, frankly, it's like fashion sorcery! I'm so full of it, it's nauseating! Rock on!

Yet another comically clever pin by Hollie Ambrose. I love scrabble and it has nothing to do with any of the above. Aren't I nuts? But in a gentle way...........