Tuesday, July 28

Museum Stroll Sunday...

Exhilarating morning inhaling culture before tallying off to work. Had viewed "Killer Heels" and should have reexamined the eery intelligence of the SteamPunk inventions. My mission was to indulge in the "Public Selects" exhibition. I knew practically the whole compliment of artist's and went to visit a necklace of mine included with Kristin Dieners extraordinary work.  Plagued which to parade;  I winnowed this divinity to flaunt from my superfluous collection.

Sticking with the titillating theme ( she devil that I am) I paint on this black cotton blend with ruched detail.

Shoes are a dynamic addition to this age inappropriate ensemble.
Green satin with wicker wedges. Dig it!

Off to slither around a bookstore before work! Wheeeeee!