Wednesday, July 22

Case of the 50 Pound Skirt.........

Pride myself on my leg strength but blanched when I donned this skirt. Physically felt like it was testing my knees. What the? Didn't, in the slightest recollect that little factoid. Perhaps it's the 300 miles of fabric creating this vintage gem. But wait, there's more! It has the most abhorrent, abrasive, chicken wire tulle beneath. Not addressed was how prudent a slip could have aided my safety. I persevered courageously for fashion's sake.

Amputated arms prevent the exposed straps of my peach bralette. Very Glamour don't. Water boarding should be decreed.

If I've said it once I've said it a googolplexian times,  (1 with 300 zeros, dig it! ) My elephantine
inventory of Karan Sipe's resplendence is flaunted with effusive frequency.

It's heavy, it's scratchy, it's worth it. Wheeeee!