Tuesday, July 21

Soft and Girlie Sunday...............

After scraping the chili dog residue from my jewelry cases. Summerfest was the previous day, (I'm vehemently trying to forget). It's like Earth Day with a lot less patchouli drenched hippies parading starter tomato plants; it's a lemming flow of quaffing, chowing, humanity.

I relish in the beauty I enshroud myself with every day. I took particular pleasure in this ensemble.  Yet another vest! In velveteen! Short waisted, glorious floral motif and black sequined capped sleeves. Cranberry cami.

Pencil skirt with romantic lace triangular inserts. Overbrimming loveliness. Cranberry patent flats with sparkly pointed toes.

Coy pearl oval pendant by my darling Karan.

I would date me, frankly............