Monday, March 21

Calgon, Double Take Me Away!!!!!

Family Business took us to Santa Fe this morning. We knew it was going to be alot colder up there so I bundled in a vintage yellow "Anthro" sweater and a beautiful shawl Jen brought me back from Turkey. Also wearing little mini of herringbone and black lace, Neiman trousers, and a killer Kris Mills necklace. Carlos faux red reptile kitten heels on the feet

But post family affairs, we were free agents. Finley and Jen had been singing ebullient praises for a store on Guadalupe called "Double Take" Jen's said we had been there together but of course blanksville on my part. Holy 50% off sale , I was a drug addict with a free pass to CVS' pharmacy! I went hog wild with Richard's money! Needless to say, I will be show casing said items over the next few days. Double Take is my new church!