Friday, May 27

Queen Mum and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Stress Shop

What with the stiff pomp and boredom of last week, the girls are ready for a retail break. Mum wears a Neiman Marcus dress with Karan Sipe and Svetlana Britt jewelry. They're going to Harrods, Top Shop, H&M,the Strand, the list is endless, but they are energized by spending the Euros, and heating up the credit cards.Catherine carries a purse by Patricia Nash, crammed with currency, Inc. tee and Anthropologie maxi skirt.
As we're being chauffeured about, there's no excuse not to wear some sexy shoes. Mums are by Carlos and are grey and pink snakeskin, faux of course. Catherine's are by Forever 21. Shopping is their favorite aerobic exercise!