Tuesday, May 31

There's a Dead Clown on my Front Lawn..............

What possessed me to buy this gray satin uber baggie clown suit/play suit for a two year old, I'll never know,(the 80's maybe?) All I know is that I can only wear it on my day off, AT HOME.

What I wanted to document on the back of this thing are pockets on your butt big enough to hold two sacks of flour, GREAT design idea......

My fierce green and black striped clown platforms flaunt pistols on the heels, CRAZY CLOWN, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Completing this uproarious ensemble is a grass green handbag and pink velveteen leopard skin 
fez. What must the neighbors think? It's time to whole me up in a rug and sling me over the back wall! 

Monday, May 30

My Choker is an Anti Vampire Device.........

I had Juli Cardozo make this choker for me for our 25 anniversary. I bought it for myself, I felt like I deserved a gift after that amount of time! But it also works well to hamper the occasional vampire bite.

This gossamer peach dress by Robert Rodriguez looks like a lovely nightgown and feels like one. SO
comfortable. Lots of faux bakelite bangles.

Love these little faux Gucci kitten heels by Two Lips.
I can outrun a vampire in these, I THINK!

Sunday, May 29

Great Gatsby's Daisy Shops Mariposa by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Such a spirited and elegant character.

Daisy outfit, see what I mean?

As Daisy is in rapture about all the wonderful crafts she will be buying at Mariposa, lets take a gander at her outfit.
This dress is very twenties-esque.  Straight shift with pleated front in gauzy fabric. Sedneck flower pins and one Elaine Lewis button pin.
The dress is loose and hangs over this great straight band at the bottom that buttons up the side.

This is a twenties hat I got from Off Broadway that has amazing embroidery on straw. It's absolutely an art piece.
Detail of hat. I can see her picnicking on the mammoth front lawn with Jay in this outfit .

Saturday, May 28

I Have More Clothing Than Dillards

You'd have to be a little slow to not figure out I'm a total hedonist, self-indulgent OCD hoarder.  On the up side I give a lot of stuff away and donate.  I don't drink, smoke or travel so I've got to spend my HUGE salary on something. (I'm kidding about the salary!) Anthropologie cotton jacket with gobs of detail. Cami and a beautiful necklace by Susan Skinner. 
This vintage necklace sports a lot of old pieces from various jewelry that she's 
gleaned and reconstructed. Svetlana necklace. 

 I'm wearing these weird uber wide legged tee shirt pants and these darling little faux python ballet flats. I have more shoes than Dillards too!

Friday, May 27

Queen Mum and Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Stress Shop

What with the stiff pomp and boredom of last week, the girls are ready for a retail break. Mum wears a Neiman Marcus dress with Karan Sipe and Svetlana Britt jewelry. They're going to Harrods, Top Shop, H&M,the Strand, the list is endless, but they are energized by spending the Euros, and heating up the credit cards.Catherine carries a purse by Patricia Nash, crammed with currency, Inc. tee and Anthropologie maxi skirt.
As we're being chauffeured about, there's no excuse not to wear some sexy shoes. Mums are by Carlos and are grey and pink snakeskin, faux of course. Catherine's are by Forever 21. Shopping is their favorite aerobic exercise!

Thursday, May 26

Elizabeth Bennett Darcy Hosts a Cotillion

Being a happily married RICH married woman, I wanted to help other young debutants meet hot, moody, rich gentleman.Type Z dress with fabric flower detail worn with a Susan Skinner necklace, Beverly Cole necklace and Marcia Sednek pin.

Beautiful back detail, Darcy loves it.

Lovely suede Michael Kors with brown leather trim and a wooden heel wrapped in brass. I must dash to intervene on a rake hitting on an innocent!

Wednesday, May 25

Haute Couture Homicides

Trading fashion secret intelligence is risky business, sometimes it doesn't end well, especially for these fashionistas.  Jen wears a cotton Nanette Lepore with cutout oval neck and jeweled neckline, deadly.
Liz is donning a sublime Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.
Killer shoes on both unfortunates. Jen wearing platform Steve Madden and Liz wears silver grey snakeskin sandals by Calvin Klein.

Thinking these smart accessories would spare them from an unfortunate end they pulled out some ones with true flare. Jen hat is one-of-a-kind by New York chapeux designer, Anne Dunning. Lucite barrel shaped purse from Off Broadway. Susan from Off Broadway gifted Liz this safari-esque bowler with plastic fruits. Plastic encased white lattice ribbon in this clutch.  Such a loss of two great soldiers from the trenches of fashion! 

Monday, May 23

Drunk and Disorderly.............

Good thing I had the foresight to move my wine glass away from this gorgeous silk Cynthia Rowley dress before pursuing my little wine nap against this tree.

Darling little Irregular Choice patent flats and vintage red leather handbag.
Rose wine and vintage black linen hat with artificial white roses.
Uh Oh, I think the constable is on to me.

Sunday, May 22

Early Jackson Pollack.........

This posh little shift reminds me of one of Jackson Pollack's 
early abstracts. Cotton with pockets. I LOVE pockets.

I chose these necklace to go with my shoes. Ancient Anne Klein teardrop chain and moonstone and gold bead necklace by Svetlana Britt. My neck looks like a pork brisket.

Little gold leather pumps from Carla. I love the detail on these shoes.
I want to find a Jackson Pollack in a Salvation Army for five dollars!!!!!

Saturday, May 21

I've Always Depended on the Kindness of Sweaters by Tennessee Williams

Gifted to me by Kathleen, this vintage sweater has beautiful bead and pearl detail.
Vintage necklace from Off Broadway.

Combined it with this zesty skirt by Leifsdotter.

It has this crazy bustle in the back!

Riveted by these shoes, they pick up the gold buttons off the skirt.
If I'm going to take the trouble to get out of my slip and wrap, this is what I'd pick........

Thursday, May 19

Skinny Jeans and All by Tom Robbins.........

I'm practically living in these Twenty8Twelve jeans by Sienna and Savanna Miller,
frankly because I can barely get them off!

Blue Krisitn Diener necklace with Twentyone blouse.

I like to call these Type Z shoes my Jackson Pollack
Shoes.  Speaking of my often references to things literary,I mean books with pages and paper and a certain booky smell. I'll always be Old School!

Wednesday, May 18

Breakfast at Tiffany's, I mean Flying Star.............

Met my friend Susan from Off Broadway for breakfast and a little girl time. I'm wearing a fantastic vintage suit from her store, where I've purchased a lot of wonderful, unique clothes.If you've never been there do yourself a delicious favor.
Thought this blouse a perfect mate to this suit. It's from Neiman Marcus and has three glorious buttons  down the front.

Pleat detail on this fab suit and my fierce yellow patent plats from Type Z. We had so much fun!

Tuesday, May 17

Fashion Fatality......

Mortally wounded by today's attire, teal Anthopologie blouse, ruched tulle mini with tulle black roses. 

Fierce hat by Amy Downs (hat designer that had a trunk show at Off Broadway), needlepoint purse.

Shoes in teal leather with S&M ankle treatment by Type Z. One killer ensemble.........

Saturday, May 14

BEIGE IS THE NEW BEIGE........B O R I N G.............

I'm dressed so conservatively today I don't even know who I am. 
Brocade jacket from Double Take in Santa Fe. Camisole from Ideeli, as are boring trousers.
What's saving this outfit from utter yawnsville are my FIERCE SHOES.

Oh, thank Dog for these, now I feel normal.
Wait, I feel a PTA meeting calling!

Friday, May 13


This voluminous dress is from Neiman Marcus, I adore it and have had it for years. It hides a world of sins. Opera length fabric necklace from Anthropolgie.

These electric blue suede wedges by Jeffrey Campbell with grey stitching are a perfect match for this dress. I always thought I would end up with the circus, as the BEARDED LADY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 12

Queen Elizabeth the First Loved Pearls, This Elizabeth Loves Pearls....

Look how divine she looks in her more is more ensemble.

See what I'm saying?

Millions of sets of grey pearls, pin stripe vest and tulle and pearl skirt.

I think these navy Frye shoes are the most comfortable I own. That's saying a lot!!!